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Speech Therapy in Session Door Sign - SLP Insights

Speech Therapy in Session Door Sign

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Door sign for speech language pathologists to use on office doors during speech therapy: "Please wait... therapy session in progress. Thank you!"

My father is an architect, and if there’s anything I’ve learned from him, it’s that we as a culture vastly undervalue the effect of space on the human psyche. He recently told me about a designer who purposely designed a bathroom that would irritate on every level: the water would splash on your pants, the mirror was misplaced and too small, there was absolutely no place to put a towel or a bottle of soap. His goal was to communicate how the spaces we live in have the power to carve out our purpose.

Unfortunately, speech therapy spaces have much to be desired. One of my favorite professors used to joke about “closet speech therapy.” As in, literally, we work in closets.

I say it’s time to stand up for our patients and seek out ways to provide a space that is worthy of their fight- the fight to learn to talk again, or read again, or discuss that referral to neuropsychology that no one wants to bring up. These are battles that deserve the warmest, most honoring of spaces.

On a whim on a Friday afternoon at work, I asked around about Exam Room A. Exam Room A had been used to store all kinds of random PT equipment. Turns out, it was easy to move this and open up the space for a calm, quiet, therapeutic space to work. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks slowly renovating the space. I’m enjoying the sunshine and quiet with patients and also pleased to watch other therapists find refuge with their patients in this new space as well.

Find this canvas print here.

On our Facebook groups, I often see lots of rants and raves. I offer this: We have more power than we think we do. Find the power and spark the change. Find that space that no one else is using and make it beautiful. Find your voice and make things better.

On that note, here is a sign to put on the door when you create that peaceful place and need people to stop knocking while you’re in session!

Enjoy and happy space creating!

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TECH SPECS: Digital download (5 MB). PDF format. 1 page, 8.5x11 inches. High resolution (300 dpi).