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Speech therapy materials designed for SLPs working with adults in rehabilitation settings - Therapy Fix - SLP Insights
Brain Injury Symptoms According to Location of Brain Damage - Therapy Fix - SLP Insights
Language Intervention: Interview Questions to Improve Quality of Care for Those With Aphasia - Therapy Fix - SLP Insights
Dysphagia Intervention: Chin Tuck Against Resistance - CTAR - Therapy Fix - SLP Insights
Meltable Solids for People with Dysphagia - Speech Language Pathology - Therapy Fix - SLP Insights
Proactive Swallowing Therapy While NPO - Therapy Fix - SLP Insights
Cognitive-Linguistic Task: Writing a Grocery List Based on Recipes for a Dinner Party - Therapy Fix - SLP Insights
Cognitive-linguistic task - Helping kids set up a lemonade stand - calculation - planning - organizing - Therpay Fix - SLP Insights
72 strategies to increase independence with cognitive-linguistic skills - speech therapy - rehabilitation - SLP Insights
Patient education handout - Tips for thriving after surviving a concussion - Therapy Fix - SLP Insights
Motor Speech Impairments - Speech Language Pathology - Therapy Fix - SLP Insights
Handout: When to Refer to a Speech-Language Pathologist - SLP Insights
Brain Injury Support Group Poster Template - Therapy Fix - SLP Insights
Monthly Calendar for people with visual imairments - Therapy Fix - SLP Insights
Language Task: Building a Medical History Form - Therapy Fix - SLP Insights
Mindfulness Exercise for Speech-Language Pathologists - Before going in to work - Therapy Fix - SLP Insights

March 2018 Therapy Fix Digital Downloads

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SLP Insights delivers fresh, engaging therapy materials targeted for Speech-Language Pathologists working with adults in rehabilitation settings. You can subscribe to Therapy Fix to receive these materials in both paper and digital formats. Therapy Fix is $25/month (or $20 for digital version). Paper copies of all materials arrive in your mailbox every month and you receive a unique code to download the products in digital format for free.  This saves you $10 and you also get extra goodies like stickers and book reviews.

This digital download contains the digital file companions to the March 2018 Therapy Fix. The download includes:

TECH SPECS: Digital download, zipped file (45 MB). Various file types including PDF, JPG, and MP3. Must be opened on computer, not mobile device like iPhone or iPad.

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