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SLP Insights onesie for kids of speech language pathologists

Children of speech-language pathologists kinda have it rough. Their speech-language pathologist parent likely knows the expected age for every single milestone, including articulation patterns. Their speech, swallow, and cognition is evaluated non-stop. Their reading skills are pumped up with phonics and the term ‘dyslexia’ is thrown out at around age three months. Children of speech-language pathologists probably often end up being recorded by their speech-language pathologist parents and appear on YouTube. In fact, this is quite a growing trend, because these parents can then use the videos for their phonology lectures if they are a professor, or to show at an IEP meeting if they work in a school, or to show to their SLP colleagues. If shown to their SLP colleagues, an in-depth conversation likely takes place with endless jargon and questions related to distinctive features and allophones and joint attention and phoneme grapheme correspondence and how well they breast-fed.

As they age, their speech pathology parents likely have investigated every strategy to introduce real foods into their diet and have very significant feelings about baby-led weaning.

But, kids of speech language pathologists also have it pretty good. They likely have a parent who is invested in their holistic development and sees the bigger picture of their lives as they prepare them to be strong, independent, critical thinkers in this crazy world.

This speech-language pathology onesie was designed for kids of speech-language pathologists- if they have to be subjected to their parent’s YouTubing, they should at least do it in style 😉


  • This onesie comes in these sizes: Newborn, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months.
  • Lapped shoulder seam for easy dressing
  • Ethically sourced
  • 100% cotton

$22.98 – Buy Now

$22.98 – Buy Now

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SLP Insights onesie for kids of speech language pathologists