Medication management tracking for speech therapy

SLP Insights medication management tracking sheet for speech therapy

Visual way to help your patients independently conquer medication management

If you work with adults who are working towards returning home independently and safely, I hope you find this free download targeting medication management useful. The months that people spend in a rehab hospital is the perfect opportunity to practice medication management before going home. Plus it’s one of the most effective ways of ensuring that they maintain their health and independence once they leave.

If you want to work on medication management, I recommend writing a goal like this:

  • In order to improve cognitive-communication skill of independent medication management, pt will track 3 medications for 5 days with 100% accuracy given (occasional, minimal, moderate, max) cues.

Medication management research connection

From Shared Decision Making and Medication Management in the Recovery Process published November 2006 in Psychiatric Services.

Using medication is an active process that involves complex decision making and a chance to work through decisional conflicts. It requires a partnership between two experts: the client and the practitioner. Shared decision making embraces current science, individual experiences, the client’s right to autonomy, informed decision making, the practitioner’s expertise, and the dyad’s skill in forming an alliance. It provides a model for practitioners and clients during the dynamic process of assessing a treatment’s advantages and disadvantages within the context of recovering a life after a diagnosis of a major mental disorder.

Here’s an example of how you can fill out the medication tracking sheet

I recommend having your patient fill it out themselves if they can.

SLP Insights medication management tracking sheet for speech therapy

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SLP Insights medication management tracking sheet for speech therapy