Here are some answers to some common trouble-shooting questions:

Question: Help! I didn’t receive the email link!
Answer: Every day, I receive several emails from the SLP Insights server letting me know that the link was undeliverable because the email address was not real. Return to the download page and try typing in your email address. There’s a chance you mis-typed it! Otherwise, check your spam filter.

Question: Help! The URL as invalid!
Answer: Try selecting the link in your email and then pasting it into a web browser. Sometimes email programs cut off the URL at the equals sign in the URL.

Question: Help! I can’t unzip this file!
Answer: Once the zipped file is downloaded, double click on it. It should open up a new folder with the files. If not, please contact the IT person in your building.

Question: Help! I can’t open the file!
Answer: I really wish I could help with this one, but the truth is that there are so many different reasons this could be happening and you would be much better off going in person to your awesome IT person in your building and troubleshooting from there.

Question: Help! When I try to print this, it prints on 4 pages!
Answer: I’ve seen this happen at work with people who are using PCs and trying to print from Google Drive or Paint or something. The only recommendation I have is to open it up in Adobe Acrobat or some other PDF reader. Your best bet is to open it on a Mac. 🙂 If that doesn’t work, find your friendly IT professional and I’m sure they can hook you up with a solultion.

Question: Help! The download link expired! Can you re-send it?
Answer: I could, but this takes time for me to email you back and ask you which link specifically you were looking for. Your best bet is to return to the download page, re-type your email address, and get a fresh link sent to you. But remember, these links expire in 48 hours, so act fast!

Question: It’s annoying to have to type my email address in every time I want to download something. Is there a way around this?
Answer: I build my audience by capturing people’s names and email addresses with free downloads. At this point, it’s a good deal for you and a good deal for me. I get your contact info and you get cool stuff for free. The alternative, and what I’ll probably move towards, is setting up a monthly subscription fee for access to materials. So get them now while they’re free, and I hope that exchanging your email address is a price that’s reasonable for now.

Question: I love your materials. Do you have X, Y, or Z I could use?
Answer: No, but I will! I love it when people send me ideas. Use the contact form on this site, or find SLP Insights on Facebook and send me a message there.